Epic Seats FAQ


Some of Epic Seat's frequently asked questions

Q: How does Epic Seats deliver funds to sellers?

A: Epic Seats can send the funds through Venmo and PayPal - which offers protection for both buyers and sellers. More here - https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/Is-PayPal-secure-FAQ1328 Or if you prefer a bank wire, Epic is happy to pay via ACH.

Q: When do I get paid?

A: Payments are issued weekly and once the tickets are transferred and authenticity verified - a payment request will be submitted. Typically takes under 7 days.

Q: How does Epic determine their offer price?

A: Epic Seats considers past sales data, current list price, projected market value, consumer demand and time until the event to determine the maximum payment it can make. It’s an inexact science and Epic Seats is a business with overhead, so our offer will be lower than current list prices. Since pricing on the secondary market varies - there is value in getting “the bird in hand”.

Q: Do you accept tickets on consignment?

A: In certain cases will take one off tickets on consignment. The consignment program is generally reserved for a person trying to faq a full set of season tickets or unique, high-dollar event like the Super Bowl, Wimbledon, Floor seats for a concert. Usually this program is reserved for someone with an existing purchase and selling history with Epic Seats. If you are interested in consignment, please send submit this form and mention consignment in the notes.

Q: How long do I have to decide on the offer to sell?

A: Given the fluid nature of resale markets, offers to buy are good for 24 hours. If you let an offer expire, please resubmit your request for a new quote. Depending on how much time has passed, the offer could very well be the same.

Q: I would like my tickets kept off a certain secondary ticket website, is that possible?

A: Epic Seats’ ability to maximize our offer on the tickets relies on the ability to sell without restrictions. That said, please disclose any special requests like these in the sell ticket submission and if Epic can accommodate, it will be factored into the offer price.

Q: What happens if the ticket goes unsold?

A: The benefit to you as the seller, is Epic Seats assumes all risk of unsold inventory and price fluctuations once a deal is finalized.

Q: If I need to ship the tickets, who pays the shipping fee?

A: Epic seats requires the seller or consignor to ship the tickets to the address provided and pay the shipping fee.

Q: How do I send electronic tickets?

A: If the tickets are part of a season ticket package, go to your account manager page, login, select the event and correct tickets and forward / transfer to the email address we provide. If they were purchased on Ticketmaster or any major primary/venue website, login to your account and either save the electronic tickets and attach to an email or send directly from your account.

Q: Can I trust Epic Seats?

A: Epic Seats was founded in 2003 and has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, fantastic Yelp reviews and a long track record of taking care of our clients and delivering Epic Service. Our reputation means everything to us and we expect that you will very much enjoy working with us.

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